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Sullivan Heating & Cooling of Bremerton buys Master Hydronics
5373 Auto Center Way #205  Bremerton, WA 98312-6300    Phone: 360-405-0723

Proud member of the Radiant Panel Association since 1999

Snowman not enjoying warm floors. Infloor radiant..., Simply a more sensible heating solution.

What people are saying about us:

"Dear Ernie,"
"The cold weather has arrived and I'm pleased to say the radiant floor heating system you installed in our home has surpassed all of our expectations."

"Your work was done in a highly professional manner and completed on time even though you were brought into this job at a late date after another contractor failed to perform. Our job required you to put our system controls into a very tight space which you accomplished perfectly."

"Radiant heat is the only way to go in the damp Northwest - warm tile and carpeted floors, quiet, draft free and clean efficient heat."

"Thanks for the good job completed on time and within budget. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference any time."

"Dear Mr. Bogue"
"I thank you for the excellent job you did for us. The boiler now runs smoothly and is much quieter. Your people were so considerate and pleasant to have here. They performed above and beyond the ordinary...they got here promptly and even worked until after ten one night so we could have heat. The new thermostats are beautiful and the house is wonderfully warm."

"There is only one problem. How do I get my husband to turn the heat down? When you know how to fix that problem you will have solved every heating problem we have here."

"Thank you again,"

"To those interested in installing, upgrading, and/or maintaining Radiant Floor & Hot Water Heating:"

"We enthusiatically recommend MASTER HYDRONICS, LLC."

"After recently moving in to a four year old home with hydronic in-floor heat, we discovered serious problems with the original installation, which, if left unmodified, would require major and expensive boiler and valve replacements every few years. In addition, the system failed (turned itself off) at least once a week during our first month or so in the house. The boiler vibrated, made a terrible racket and filled the garage with a strong smell of exhaust when it did run."

"Ernie Bogue, the owner and manager of Master Hydronics LLC, was contacted to advise us. He reviewed our system and wrote a a detailed report outlining problems and potential fixes. After our review and discussions with Ernie, we engaged Ernie's company to address the issues. He redesigned the system to avoid and contain the corrosion problems, provided better electronic controls to make the system far more fuel efficient, replaced damaged and corroded parts and rebuilt the exposed copper piping. (It even looks much better.) The boiler now operates smoothly, quietly, with no smelly exhaust. We are delighted with the total package. From our observation, and from comments by others, the company's work and personnel are top quality. We plan to have Master Hydronics LLC perform regular annual maintenance on the system."


Last Updated 03/18/2007